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We are set for a great leap forward into the global market with trusted
company management, creativity, a challenging spirit and global level of technology.

Green Power & Energy Solution Provider

기술과 신뢰로 고객 여러분과 늘 함께하는 기업이 되겠습니다.

대표이사 정대택

PNE Solution is constantly making effort to provide Power & Energy solution which is the most optimized at the various business area such as, Formation system & Test equipment for the secondary battery, Power supply devices for the power plant, charging infra and eletronic devices for EV/HEV.
We are focusing on R&D to continuousely improve features and reliabilities of the product to keep up with a globally evloving and developing customers of leading companies for the secondary battery in Korea. Also, we strive to substantialize a Smart Environmental Technology for upcoming generation of EV, by spurring the charging infra business such as a fast/slow charger and the green energy business such as ESS, BMS(Battery Management System) which is required to configure EV and Battery Pack.
All products we manufacture, contain a strict QC process with an effort to constantly reaserch and develop on our technology, the persuit of the advanced technology overleaping cutomer's needs and an unstoppable challenging spirit to discover a new business area.
Thank you.